CLASS ROOM :- To enhance teaching learning progress the classes have been converted into class rooms. Keeping in pace with the major changes of technological advancements, the immediate and permanent Audio and Visual impact of the I-way of teaching has made learning convenient, easy and interesting.

E-REPORT – Keeping in tune with global trends & technological progress, the school enables parents of classes view online, the performance of their wards.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING – Experiential learning is a part of holistic education promoted by Educational Boards. To provide ample opportunities for learning, students of all classes will be taken on Field Trips, Treks Camps and Excursions to nearby places.

CULTURAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMME:- The school organizes Cultural Exchange Programme to help inculcate “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” the feeling of Oneness and Brotherhood and sustain peace and harmony.

This Exchange Programme enables the children of both the families to get an exposure to the inherent cultural differences existing, thereby helping them to experience, modify their outlook, accommodate and adjust to this new situation successfully in a monitored environment. This would be of immense help to them when they face real life situation later on in their career.

ADOLESCENCE EDUCATION PROGRAMME (AEP) Adolescence education programme has been launched to handle problems related to adolescence which will help them to cope with the challenges and stress of everyday life.

ABHIVAKTI SQUARE: – We promote individual growth by identifying the talents of our resources through multiple media and create a sense of belongingness for the school. We have “Srijan corner and Fragrance Bottle Open”. It is held once in 15 days where all the members meet, express their views and exhibit the different hidden talents.

ECO-FRIENDLY AND AESTHETIC CULTURE – GREEN SQUARE The School aims for the protection and enrichment of human values and an increase in ecological awareness.

1. Periodic awareness programme on personal and public health and hygiene not only within Allons but also in the four villages which has been adopted by the school under village adaptation program.

2. We are active members on National green school and ICWESSR which ensures that the students vigorously participate “Clean the Earth” “Save Life” programmes of these plantation drive. We also conducted mass plantation drive.

3. Internal examinations- Group Discussion, Poster Makin, Slogan Writing Competition are being held for creating awareness among the students.

4. Knowledge about indigenous among Eco-Friendly, sustainable projects and water harvesting techniques being taught to the students. Level of understanding of the concepts is assessed through questionnaire method.

5. All the members (students & staff) celebrate their birthday by planting a tree and enjoying friendship day by day tying up the friendship band on the tree as a mark of respect, love and trust for the environment which creates a sense of oneness and responsibility towards protection of nature and natural resources.

RECAPITULATION SQUARE:- Open assembly discussion when a student presents the favorite topic from his concerned syllabus under the guidance of mentor. The questions are asked from S.A.- I /II syllabus by the students and teachers. It shows the confidence, patience and sharing of Knowlede.

REFORMATORY MEASURES:- Instead of punishment, Reformatory Measures are formulated to help students with behavioral disorders and non-adherence to school rules, regulation and norms. For example: If a student destroys school property, the child is assigned the task of cataloging or covering the books in the library, cleaning of a specified area in campus, preparation of “Sorry” or “Get Well” cards and so on.